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There is no doubt that poaching and forest destruction have impacted animal population negatively. This essay will explore why I believe that preventing these species from exitinction is of utmost importance and also porpose some methods to mitigate this issue.
There is no doubt that cutting of trees and hunting animals is the main reason for the extinction of various species, and to protect these animals from these threats is immensely vital. This essay will elucidate numerous reasons why we should preserve these beasts as well as some solutions to tackle this problem.
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It is eminent that we humans need to take efforts to restore the nature to its maximum original. In recent times, due to man-made constructions, selfishly killing the flora & fauna around us, most of the animals are getting disrupted from their homes and are on the verge of disappearing. The essay will discuss the significance of safeguarding the natural habitat of animals and how we can achieve the same.
The cutting down of forests, urbanisation and poaching are endangering and threatening the disappearance of animals from the face of the earth. This essay advances that it is crucial to protect fauna and measures such as creating places for harbouring the vulnerable species and laws to regulate activities such as hunting and tree-cutting will go a long way in ameliorating the conundrum. These will be discussed at length below.
Day by day most of the mammals are putting at risk like they are losing their freedom and some are jeopardised to some extent because of logging, the evolution of cities and unlawful stalking. I think it is essential to secure our creatures to keep our surrounding atmosphere will be safe. To do this, we have to save forests, develop the country side areas and stop the chasing flock.
Several animal species are on the edge of becoming endangered due to the loss of their natural habitats. Continuous deforestation for urban development and illegal hunting have brought these species near to the point of extinction. Saving these animals is crucial for maintaining a balance in the food chain. However, these animals can be saved by conservation, preservation, and reforestation.
Cutting off the trees and make the area livable for humans is now a common practice. Not only that, but the hunting of animals has also become a hobby of some rich brats. We certainly need to look after this matter and need to take action immediately.
It is true that many species of animals are in danger of extinction because of the loss of natural habitats which is caused by deforestation, illegal hunting and an increase in word population. I would argue that protecting animals are very necessary and there are several that could be taken to resolve the issue.
Owing to the trend of deforestation, cities development, and poaching numerous species are on the bank of extinct as they have lost their habitat lands. I strongly believe that it is important to save the animals to control our ecosystem and to develop medical science. There are several counter actions such as implementing stringent regulations and educating people can be taken in order to solve this problem.
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The number of animals is increasingly declining. As a result of the expansion of the cities and many illegal actions, certain species are facing the risk of annihilation. This essay will discuss why preventing creatures from extinction is highly important and the potential steps that can be taken.
The rapid growth of modernization is impacting hugely in nature and getting us habituated to all of these. Given the advantages of development in our standard of living, we are taking many unwise decisions and executing those before considering the aftereffects. Cutting trees for expanding open fields and hunting animals to fulfil our desires is the deadliest among many. All these are leading us towards the destruction of the natural resources as well as the extinction of the inhabitants of the forest. This article will discuss the necessity of protecting lives and the means of doing that.
Deforestation, urban development, and illegal hunting are hampering the animal population, and in many cases are putting them on the brink of extinction. Although many people don't feel the need to protect the animals and feel it is important to invest administrative funds in other sectors, it is in actuality important to protect them and their habitats. We shall discuss the reason for the same and the measures that need to be in place to enforce this.
Human activities like cutting down trees, city expansion, and unauthorized hunting leads to harm to the ecosystem of animals. As a result of this few animals have been pulled to the zone of extinction. However, Protecting animals is very important to the earth harming any leaving creature can disturb the ecosystem of the earth and it needs to be saved.
There is a common belief that many animals face serious dreads relating to losing their habitat and more importantly, becoming extinct due to cut down trees, sprawled cities and unlawfully shot animals. I certainly think that it is essential to preserve all kinds of animals (wild and domestic) and some urgent measures should be implemented in this regard.
Urbanization, deforestation and hunting wild animals illegally are the reasons for animals becoming endangered and even the disappearance of certain species. It is very crucial to protect animals and the biosphere between all living things. As I’m concerned, there are some solutions to this problem.
In this modern era of urbanization, cutting of forest, town development and illegal hunting has resulted in the loss of habitat and extinction of many endangered animal species. As a superior being, it is our responsibility to protect animals and all the living beings possible. The below paragraphs will throw some light on how we can tackle this problem and protect the bio-diversity of our mother nature.
The globalisation, industrialisation has resulted in a negative impact on the living as well as non-living things of the earth. Whether an animal's life is important or not is always debatable. This essay will discuss the possible solution to protect an animal's life.
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