Some people think that social skills are as important as academic qualifications. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In the modern age, social skills have recently arisen as things which are equally important as academic qualifications for some people. As well as offering my opinion,
essay will discuss the importance of both academic certificates and social skills in future career.
To begin
with, academic qualifications properly have some advantages when it comes to mental assessment.
, person’s professional knowledge can be reflected through educational degrees. Undeniably, that kind of qualifications cannot be gained unless they successfully experienced years of
seemingly without interruption
practicing and learning.
wrong judgments can be made if companies solely focus on those degrees, they are one of
the good
the best
indicators of one’s ability.
, it is
widespread contention
the widespread contention
that academic certificates are of great importance in
accessing a certain person.
, the significance of social skills cannot be denied in terms of working efficiency. To be more specific, well-developed social skills
to help
people have more and better relationships because of making them more charismatic.
In addition
, mastering social skills facilitates their communication, thereby boosting working efficiency.
For instance
, if they do not like partnering with someone, social skills help them to politely convey that they want to work with others. In
case, they would not suffer working stresses and
deal with all kinds of challenges in the work. To conclude,
essay argued the essence of gaining professional qualifications and mastering social skills. From my own perspective, it is my belief that the significance of
things cannot be brought into comparison to see which one is more important because they have distinctively equal meaning to a person’s success.
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Linking words for giving examples:

  • for example
  • for instance
  • to illustrate this
  • to give a clear example
  • such as
  • namely
  • to illustrate
  • take, for example

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