Online, people write opinions and reviews of services. Is it a good thing or bad thing?

In the current scenario, the customers like to share their feedback over the internet regarding the products they buy and use. Some are of the belief that it is beneficial to the end user and should be done. In my opinion, the credibility of online reviews depends upon different situations and people should verify properly before believing them. There are myriad factors why people should provide their comments on the products they buy whether online or offline. Primarily, if there is any evaluation present for the services that any person wants to try for the very
time, it will guide them about their pros and cons.
help them to decide that whether the goods are reliable or not and if the advantages are more, they should go ahead with their shopping decision.
For instance
, on websites like Zomato, where there are
a plethora
of reviews and ratings present about the multifarious restaurants and the purchaser can check and get knowledge about them before making any food order. Another reason is that due to these assessments about the things, the enterprises can work rigorously to raise the quality of their merchandise, as they know, if their stuff does not stand up to the expectation of a buyer, they can lose their potential clients and
will hamper their business.
, it is always great to be cognizant about where humans are going to invest, sometimes,
becomes a problem for the companies, as the clientele generally form assumptions without actually utilizing the products, just by seeing few negative reactions.
For example
, the cosmetics have an impact depending on everyone’s body type. Many have a sensitive skin and those items which are suitable for the normal skin type do not mean that they will be good enough for the others. To
conclude, as,
conclude, as
the consumer is like a God for any business, they have freedom to say anything about their liking and disliking, individuals should not make one sided judgment. They should do their research properly before making any decision.
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