The given line graph illustrates the amount of macronutrients (fat, carbohydrate, protein) intake by Australians in kilocalories per day per person from 1909 to 2006. Overall, carbohydrates were the most consumed nutrient among all other items followed by fat and protein. Carbohydrate slightly fluctuated before rising up over a period of time. Fat intake was gradually increased and protein consumption was remained relatively stable. In 1909, carbohydrate is the highest consumption of macronutrients among Aussies which is 1400 kilocalories per day per person and fluctuated over the years and ends at 1400kcal by 1999. Comparatively, fat consumption was 200 kcal per day, which is the second consumed nutrients in 1909 and ended at 1000 kcal. Although, it rose and fell, but recovered gradually by 1999. In contrast, protein intake was low among all micronutrients: it started at around 300 kcal per day which is remained relatively stable over the years.
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