These days, mobile phones and the internet are very important to the ways in which people relate to one another socially. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

We live in a global world where various technological devices are crucial in the means of communication among people. In my opinion, the benefits of mobile phones and the internet which includes affordability and conveniency far outweigh any disadvantages. To begin with, the disadvantage of using mobile phone and internet as a social method of communication is addiction.Technology has a very high addictive tendency due to various interesting application it contains. People spend many hours perusing the internet and this disturb them from carrying out crucial activities. For example, it was observed in a secondary school in Nigeria that most students who had access to internet facility failed their final exam due to neglect of academic work for social media purpose. Usage of telephone and internet facility can cause havoc if not well handled. Nevertheless, despite the minor drawback stated above, I certainly believe that one of the advantage of modern technology is affordability. The cost of maintaining these modern technologies is quite cheap compared to the value derived. For example, the cost of sending an e mail is less when compared with the cost of sending a letter through the post office. The use of modern facility is a method of wise spending and prevent bankruptcy. Furthermore, another benefit derived from the usage of internet and mobile phone is conveniency. The methods of communication are quite easy and safe as messages can be sent to different people in a twinkle of an eye without leaving one's comfort zone. Also the risk of accidents while travelling to deliver messages are avoided through the use of internet. For example, teachers get to teach their students without the student leaving their various houses. Easy access to information makes internet facility a better method of relating socially. In conclusion, although people get addicted to modern method of technology,however, it helps reduce cost and provide convenience. Therefore, it is on this basis that I believe that there are more advantages to the usage of mobile and internet facility than disadvantages.
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