In many countries, people have health problems because they choose to live in unhealthy ways. What do you think the reasons for this and how can it be solved?

It is true that people who choose to have unhealthy lifestyle
have the highest chance of getting a disease. In the following paragraphs, I shall provide some reasons why
is happening and give a possible solution to solve the issue. There are two primary causes why people are opting to be unhealthy. One is that most of the convenient and budget friendly choices are unhealthy. It frequently makes people's lives easier.
For instance
of preparing home cooked meals, which are often expensive, they try to purchase instant foods that are more affordable than the former.
can bring convenience to people, people can end up having problems
are gastrointestinal or kidney disorders.
, they prefer to stay unfit because they are lazy or oftentimes busy with their work. People have no time to visit a gym nor do simple exercises even at home due to the fact that they either have hectic office schedules or not interested at all.
, in many countries, a large number of their population is with the existence of an illness.
, solutions are
available to prevent
growing population of mortality in people.
, the government should impose public awareness. By allowing people to know the negativity of these wrong way of living, they will start to be conscious about their health.
For example
, the utilization of social media is indeed an effective measure to do
, people can initiate to integrate workout to their weekly schedules by encouraging friends to do a group physical activity.
can kill boredom because the more people do similar activities, the merrier.
, by doing these methods, people can begin to become fit. In conclusion, convenience and laziness are the principal reasons behind the unhealthy habits of people.
can be curbed when people practice incorporating physical activity in their daily lives and for the authorities to reinforce more information through advertisement about the health hazards
unpleasant lifestyle can lead.

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