You have decided to leave your current job even though you enjoy it. Write a letter to inform your manager of your decision. In your letter - tell the manager about your decision and the reason for it. - describe what you learnt in your current job - and ask the manager to write a reference letter to help you with future employment

Dear Manager, I am writing a letter of resignation from my post in your company. Since I have been working for five years but now I am quitting my job. I resigned from your organisation because I got a job opportunity from abroad which I applied for
, the new position of branch manager has been given to me by the Limelight brand. I have served your Company as an Assistant Manager for 5 and I gained a lot of knowledge and skills through
position. Learning new modules within the company and coordinating with different departments.
, my communication skill has been improved working with your organisation. I have an excellent command of the MS Office Suite as well and my typing speed is quite well.
, my English language skills at an advanced level and written communication
Change the verb form
show examples
, I want to request you to please allow me for experience letter for my new job so that I can give it as a reference to my new employer. if you consider my plea
I will be highly grateful to you. Yours Sincerely,
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logical structure
Ensure the letter is structured with a clear introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The letter should open with a suitable greeting and close with an appropriate sign-off.
suitable writing tone
Use a formal and polite tone throughout the letter. Avoid informal language and maintain a tone of respect and professionalism.
single idea per paragraph
Each paragraph should focus on a single main idea. The first paragraph can be about the decision to resign, the second about what you learned in your job, and the third requesting a reference letter.
complete response
Ensure you complete the task by addressing all the points mentioned in the prompt clearly and thoroughly. In your letter, you missed providing clear details about what you learned and your gratitude for the opportunities given.
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