Many people have difficulty maintaining a healthy diet. What are the causes of this problem? How could it be solved?

It is considered by many that keeping healthy eating habits is difficult.
essay is going to explain why people think
and what could be the possible solutions for
problem. The two main causes leading people to break their healthy diet are fast paced lifestyle and the easy access to junk
. The
one justifies why people do not have the time to eat properly since they are so busy working, studying, looking after their children that they do not even have the opportunity to sit down and have a proper meal.
, they have to buy fast
at the nearest place and eat it when they are in transit,
for example
. The latter one complements the effects of a busy life when it comes to convenience. Due to the ubiquity of oily fast
shops and unhealthy snacks with prices more affordable than vegetables,
for instance
, those types of
are more consumed rather than healthy ones.
As a result
, illnesses
as obesity and heart disease are
affecting populations all over the world. To address
health issue, individuals, corporations and governments have a role to play. Citizens and companies should reduce their work journey. So that everyone would be able to arrange time to plan and cook their own meals which means eating much more healthy and cheaper because they would be likely to buy more natural
in the supermarket and spend less money on eating out. And
, to decrease the consumption of junk
, the governments could elevate taxes on these products in order to make them less appealing. To conclude, it is clear that the current lifestyle in our modern society is driving us towards health problems. If the right measures are not taken on time by people and authorities, the level of diseases and early death will dramatically increase.
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