Ques: Being a celebrity- such as a famous film star or sports personality – brings problems as well as benefits Do you think that being a celebrity brings more benefits or more problems?

It is indeed true that being an eminent personality does have its advantages as well as disadvantages.
, I think that people often try to manipulate the one with
, the person, to protect his/her image, has to create a façade in front of the general public and have to live his/her life in private which results in mental disorders.
, it is my belief that celebrity status has more negatives than positives which are discussed
, there is an effort to build a cocoon around a well-known person ensuring that he is not aware of the ground-reality anymore. It is seen that a coterie usually surrounds a well-known person which tries to feed of the fame of the said personality. It ensures that the celeb only heeds to its advice and is cut off from everyone else. In order to
its agenda, these gatekeepers usually try to control the only individual that matter.
For example
, a child actor’s life is dictated by his parents and he loses control over his decisions.
, as these people are followed constantly by paparazzi everywhere, it becomes very difficult to go about their daily life. Since, many of these ‘stars’ have an image to protect based on which they get endorsements, they have to be extra careful to avoid an embarrassing situation. But,
constant pressure of being watched and followed is mentally jarring.
, it is seen that many of these celebrities face mental issues.
For instance
, there have been multiple suicides by famous people, the cause of which was chronic depression.
, there may be benefits
as fame and money associated with
status, but it rarely shields them from psychological disorders. To conclude, there may be numerous plusses when it comes to being famous like financial riches, but the desire to hold on to it does result in much more minuses. Various types of issues arise which sometimes are even fatal.
, it is my opinion that there arise more problems from it than
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