Many people find it hard to balance their work with other parts of their lives. What are the reasons for this. How can this problem be overcome.

It is argued that a growing number of workers struggle to have to good
-life balance.
essay will suggest that the principle cause of the problem is overspending and submit financial management as a viable solution, followed by a reasoned conclusion. The main cause of employee not being able to balance
and life is the excessive spending of money on entertainment goods. The majority of people in the world today spend most of their salaries for leisure and extravagances,
as concert performances, and refer to these activities as an ubiquitous part of modern-life. If
is done continually, it will result in overtime
to cover all the cost and fulfilling daily needs.
For example
, a recent study by MIT shows that 10 out of 15 US citizens spend 64% of their budgets on recreational activities, mostly on movie tickets and musical concerts.
, when 100 of them were interviewed, they admitted to have struggled balancing expenditures and incomes,
had to
long hours including on weekends. The most practical solution to
problem is to encourage financial organization, particularly on expenses.
will help workers to record how much they spend and warn them every time a specific limit is reached as well as which sectors they deplete in the most so that overspending can be avoided.
For instance
, a survey conducted by TapCash, a commercial company specializing in financial managing, shows 87% of its audiences feel helped by the app on balancing their cash and
hesitant at
, have gradually reduced their
hours. In conclusion,
essay suggests that high expense for recreational purposes contributed mainly to the imbalance
and life issue.
can be tackled by setting management for finance to record spending so that excessive spend can be curbed.

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