People today do not feel safe either at home or when they are out. What are the causes? What are the solutions?

Nowadays, it is easier for people to feel insecure whether they are in the
or outside the
. There are many reasons why people feel unsafe even though they are in their accommodation.
, there are
many solutions that can be used to reduce the fears.
of all, I think it is normal for people to feel insecure no matter where they are. One of the reasons is because nowadays the society is very unsafe. There are crimes
as stealing, raping or even killing in some countries.
, the punishments for several crimes are
not reasonable and effective, which make the victim feels even insecure. It is not only crimes that scare people, but sometimes there are
protests or violence that occurs in the outsides. On the other hands, even a person is living in the
, they can
feel like they are threatening by something.
For example
, social media which is
widely in the presence days. People can be treated badly on the internet and cyber-bullied.
is why people can feel unsafe even though they are in the
where no one can actually approach them and hurt them. In
case I personally feel like it is possible for an individual to feel uncomfortable and insecure because even you are not going out somewhere, but you can still face a cyber bullying because everything on the internet is so quick. Unlike, the physical or visible things
as crimes and violence that we
able to
experience physically. The similarity between these two is that the punishment made by judges is still not very accurate and
producing or capable of producing an intended result or having a striking effect
that is
the reason why people are still afraid all the time. The solution is to create laws that can potentially punish people who commit crimes whether it is on the internet or other places. It can give the confirmation to people that their action is effective. To conclude, it is possible to feel bad about living in the
or going outside to do something.
, with the better laws and judgements, it can help people with their fears.
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