Some people say that giving a small amount of money weekly to children will help them become more capable as they grow older. Do you agree or disagree?

has always been a huge matter of concern for both the parents and children. There is a school thought that says giving weekly pocket
to children intends to make them self-sufficient for the long term.
essay will discuss why I consider pocket
as imperative for children, including reasons that it makes them independent and develops finance management and saving skills.
, the prominent reason is that petty cash to juvenile makes them self-standing.
means young ones would learn to buy their stationery on their own and
inculcates a skill to manage their expenditures.
For example
, it is observed that adolescents who are told to manage their week with the provided allowance are much likely to advance in a brilliant adult.
children can effortlessly develop self-sustaining expertise.
, weekly cash to children prepares them for the future,
that is
they are more competent at managing the finance. But there should be a condition of making a diary to
to hold fast or prevent from moving
-down their daily expenses and making some savings for the future.
For instance
, it has become imperative for children starting preparing for their career from the very initial stage to make their identity in the cut-throat competition and
is one crucial ability
that is
essential in all the phases of life.
, children who deal with
matters are inculcating skills in the long run. To conclude, weekly allowance for children has become the demand in the contemporary era.
essay discussed why I believe a small amount of weekly
to children is important for their individual existence and allowance managing skill development.

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