The use of mobile phone is as antisocial as smoking. Smoking is banned in certain places so mobile phone should be banned like smoking. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

century has seen a tremendous rising trend of mobile phone usage. Since some cellular device users have been found to be antisocial, the idea of banning its use in certain places has
been raised. The banning of smoking is being referenced in
essay will discuss about disagreeing the idea through discussing the fallacies in brief. Mobile phones have successfully been updated in recent past to become a part and parcel of our daily life. Ensuring the prime purpose of communication, it is
being used for news update, entertainment and knowledge development. The public can get in touch with their friends and families much more easily than before, which in fact aids the community to become more social.
arguments can be made about mobile devices taking over the newspaper usage, citizens are now getting more updated than before through regular updates from news applications. Web pages, applications & video sharing platforms have become popular hubs for knowledge seekers who can easily access the huge contents available on the web.
For example
, through YouTube videos students are learning topics in a more convenient way.
On the contrary
, smoking is regarded harmful towards health by almost all. Not only active smokers but
who are around them, carry almost the same risk of having lung diseases and even cancer. According to many scientific reports, lung cancer is now a leading cause of death all around the world. So, banning cell phone use in places is not the same as banning something
that is
alarming to health. To conclude, no restriction should be there for mobile phone use. Steps should rather be taken to provide with contents that will enhance learning, social harmony and revival.

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