Governments and big companies should work together to reverse environmental damage, rather than expecting individuals to take responsibility. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Preserving the environment is one of the major concerns worldwide. Some argue that the burden of tackling the issue should be on the shoulders of governments and large businesses, and ordinary people are not as responsible as them. I agree with
notion to a larger extent, and in the following the reasons for
standpoint are given. On the one hand, the role of governments and big companies must not be underestimated, thanks to their political and economic power. Governments, as the main authority of every nation, can make a significant contribution to the protection of the planet by imposing strict supervision. As an illustration, the illegal disposal of contaminated waste by some industries is more likely to be prohibited if governments sue them for their disobedience.
In addition
, the main manufacturers of each country are making the largest portions of profit. So, their contributions,
as tax payments, can ameliorate the situation by raising funds for the preservation programmes.
, most of these manufacturers are accused of causing irreparable damages to nature. Provided that they obey the legislations and accompany government in the protection of
the environment
, the severity of the situation can be diminished considerably.
On the other hand
, as
a society
does not only encompass large companies, the importance of ordinary people is better not to be neglected.
the daily activities of residents are not exerting as tremendous influences as industrial practices, the accumulation of their environmentally-friendly efforts can accelerate the process of reversing the destructive implications.
For instance
, many non-profit organizations are established by individuals at schools or universities that are making great efforts to protect at least their local community. Overall, I advocate the idea that the governments and big organizations should be accounted for preserving the environment, mainly because of benefiting from better financial situation, as well as having the authority to rebuke those who exert irreversible influences.
, the population's
a purposeful or industrious undertaking (especially one that requires effort or boldness)
are capable of enhancing the chance of eradicating the harms.
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