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Preserving the environment is one of the major concerns worldwide. Some argue that the burden of tackling the issue should be on the shoulders of governments and large businesses, and ordinary people are not as responsible as them. I agree with this notion to a larger extent, and in the following the reasons for this standpoint are given.
Most people do not pay much attention about environmental issues. It is completely true that people should take this problem more seriously in order to prevent disasters in the future. However, they do not take this threat seriously enough.
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No issue in recent years has drown as much attention as the debate surrounding environmental protection. Although, everyone’s responsible is helping to protect environment, however, I agree with the idea that governments accompanied by enormous corporation are accountable for addressing these problems.
Environmental damages are increasing due to a lack of awareness among people. Some people opine that this is the duty of authorities and big companies to clean the nation; nevertheless, I partially agree with this statement. Although common citizens pay enormous taxes, they are equally responsible.
Conservation of environment is a common issue in today’s society. Both, the Governments and individuals put responsibility on each other’s shoulders, rather contribute their own part. It is widely believed that reversal of climatic destruction is the responsibility of the state along with giant industries, instead of blaming the common people. I strongly disagreed with this point of view, as I believed that individual’s efforts with government can bring significant positive changes, while persuading the governments and large companies to take protective measures.
In the contemporary era, there is a heated argument over the issue that, the governments and large industries solve environmental issues, and not on individuals. A lion's share of the society favours it, However, the rest goes adverse it. I do not quite agree with this view. In my opinion, everyone has the responsibility to contribute their bit to reverse environmental damage.
Although ordinary people in some case are cause of pollution about environment destruction, the governments and huge institutions are responsible, too. In my opinion, the second group have more effect on environment and they should step in and modify their behavior to improve situation.
Over the past decades, the world has faced an enormous amount of problems in terms of the environment. Some people believe that governments and massive companies should combine and work together instead of solving it individually. I completely agree with this opinion, even though some people might have different aspects. This essay will seek to examine the complex issue.
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