It is important that we maintain and protect the beautiful building of the past, even if it is expensive for countries to do so. Do you agree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

There have been discussions recently whether the government should use large sums of money to maintain old buildings of the past. Many people claim that
is an important task and the expenses shouldn’t matter. In
essay, I will give you my opinion and why I agree with
To begin
with, it costs
tremendous amount
a tremendous amount
of resources to maintain ancient and old buildings. Even though, it might seem inefficient
to invest in the restoration and maintenance of these historical buildings, they have a lot of value for the culture.
For instance
, the Greeks are proud of their culture and they have a great interest in showing it through the historical buildings like the
the citadel in ancient Greek towns
. These ancient structures give the people of Greece a common identity and a feeling of fellowship.
, surveys have shown that countries that have maintained many buildings of historical value
have a better understanding of their ancestry, which can be a great attribute in the perseverance of their culture.
, keeping historical buildings intact can give huge boosts in tourism. Culture and history are two of the most important factors for tourists to choose their destination.
For example
, when Japan opened for foreign visitors to come in and see the temples from the Edo era, tourists swarmed
the country.
, there can be
advantages in using money to protect old buildings of the past. In conclusion, I believe that the maintenance of
historical building
historical buildings
the historical building
is important for cultural and historical identity, as well as it can have positive effects on the economy. I like horses.
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Use a variety of complex and simple sentences

You should use complex sentences in your writing, but it does not mean that you should try to make all of our sentences complex.

‘Complex’ sentences are not actually very complex; they are just two or more simple sentences put together. Putting them together makes the essay more coherent and cohesive.


I really want to study but I’m too tired.

I wore a warm coat because the weather was cold.

If action is not taken soon on climate change, global warming will get worse.

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