Number of people who are at high risk due to overweight.what is the reason?

It is a bitter truth that lots of people are suffering from the serious diseases like high blood pressure, obesity due to overweight. There are myriad reasons behind
deplorable condition. I will discuss some of them in the following paragraph and try to give some solution as well.
of all, lack of physical activity in daily routine is a primary reason for the overweight issue. Technology and Automobile revolution make people's life effortless.
For example
, Since the invention of the motorbike or the car, people are using it to travel very small distance in place of cover the distant by walking.
, unbalanced diet
increases the
dramatically. From the University research, It has been proven that too much consumption of junk food increases the
significantly because it is too heavy for the digestive system. By
way, People are getting overweight.
, regular physical exercise can reduce the possibility of getting overweight related issues.
For example
, Daily thirty minutes walk may put you in pink-full health for decades and helps to control the
of the body.
, balanced and healthy diet can control the
For example
, Taking the fruits or ample vegetable in the diet and avoid fast food like Pizza, Burger as much as possible. To sum up, Overweight is a serious problem, but It can be possible to avoid by doing exercise regularly and taking healthy food. Everything is a disease which can happen because of human errors
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