Nowadays the crime rate is increasing, especially among teenagers. What are the reasons behind it? How can we reverse this trend? What punishment methods should be used, in your opinion?

In the modern world, the inequality distribution of welfare and social disagreement between the poor and wealthy people can lead to the higher offence rate.
, modern people are worried about the level of criminality, especially minor offences among the youngsters. In
regard, personally, I believe that stick punishment methods for criminals can solve the problem. On the one hand, it is true that poverty can lead to the law breaking. In
case, some individuals from poor communities can commit the crime because of shortage of money and fortune.
, teenagers are keen to break the law because of their illiteracy.
In addition
, they do not aware of consequences of offences.
For example
, there are stick punishments for minor crimes
as shoplifting and fraud.
, many youngsters commit the wrongdoings, and regret about their actions after the judge’s sentence.
On the other hand
, authorities are able to reduce the level of offences. In the regard, there are many ways to prevent the criminals from committing the crime.
For instance
, informing the citizens about the consequences of offences though the mass media and TV programs can be a viable option.
, they can introduce new methods of punishments and fines. To illustrate, for serious type of law breaking
as money laundering, kidnaping or bribery, the perpetrators can be sentenced to the capital punishment or a life-sentence. In conclusion,
many people believe that reducing crime rate is impossible, authorities can alleviate the situation by introducing new methods of judgments and penalties.
, personally, I believe that the legislation branch should be sticking for certain types of wrongdoings
as blackmailing and extortion.

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