Is it justified to use animals in scientific experiments Explain your answer basis your experience and knowledge and suggest alternatives if any

Progress in science has vastly improved the living standards of humans in the
couple of centuries. Progress in science rests on scientific discoveries which are not possible unless one is willing and able to test and sharpen the new theories and knowledge via practical experiments. These experiments, especially in the preliminary stages, are more risky for its subjects due to the majority of unknowns. In the field of medicine, the subjects in the initial stages of inquiry and experiments are often animals like rats and other mammals as they bear a close resemblance to
human DNA structure
the human DNA structure
the findings from experiments conducted on these animals are more relevant to predict the impact on humans. Given these experiments
essential but
Accept comma addition
essential, but
risky, the question is that should we subject these animals
the experiments, is it justified, are there any alternatives? In my opinion,
experiments on animals are not
preferable but
Accept comma addition
preferable, but
given the lack of
an alternative
, they are essential, as the net outcome is positive as it leads to scientific progress and better living conditions for the greater population.
the stakeholders must walk a fine line to avoid abuse of animals and while preserving the pace of scientific progress.
we must take steps to minimize the negative effect of these experiments on animals and there are ways in which various parties like the scientific community, government bodies and NGOs can play a part. There are 2 broad ways
concern (1) by minimizing the number of experiments conducted to only the essential ones (2) by ensuring that we use all the available information and knowledge to minimize the risk of these experiments on well being of animals. Let's expand: 1) Minimize the number of experiments: - Meta database of experiments conducted till date and easy accessibility to facilitate collaboration within the scientific community and reduce duplication of experiments - Use of AI and similar technologies to create simulations to the extent possible to avoid
on animals. 2) Minimize the negative effect of
the experiments
1) Strong justification for the experiment 2) Best practice for conducting experiments 3) Minimize the unknowns prior to experiment to minimize the risk 4) Sound regulations and legislation to govern the experiments With these measures, we can minimize the adverse impact on animals without halting the engine of scientific discovery.

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    • Sentence 3 - Discussion
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