Many companies sponsor sports as a way of advertising themselves. Some people think that it is good thing, while others think that it has disadvantages. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It has been noticed, that games are getting encouraged by several organizations,
people have many concerns about it. It is as clear as the sky, that businessmen who partake into it, always get huge publicity of their brands,
, it persuades feasibility of match-fixing, which could be untoward repercussion. In my perspective, the government ought to raise the funds and facilities of players, so that, no
requirements will be occurred. As I believe, we get to know many of the new products, when our sport's models use it, and
, those become brands, later. Usually, in the stadiums, we can observe, plenty of posters of particular titles, are used on all the accessories as well as in around the ground.
As a result
of it, certain manufacturer has a monopoly in the market, of selling the sporty items,
for example
Decathalon, Nike are on the top of the list. I feel, no other way could be as effective as
is, for getting advertised, nationwide.
On the other hand
, it may stimulate game-fixing, in regards of involvement of big enterprises. As far as I know, these kind of offence occurs, just in the greed of money, and while you have millions as your feeder,
why there would not be chances of exacerbation?
For instance
, if there will be no
endorsement ailment,
the authorities are not the one, who will pay the team for cheating. So, being thoroughly dependent on
succours, is not the right practice. To conclude, factories assist game organizations, just for their own profitability. So, the bureaucrats ought to assert about it, as sport is a crucial part of a country and it cannot only surge the reputation, but
aggravate it, if would not work on the root causes.

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