Despite a large number of gyms, a sedentary lifestyle is gaining popularity in the contemporary world. What problems are associated with this? What solutions can you suggest?

These days, a lot of
sectors in every place of the world.
, people are following the opposites and a dangerous lifestyle is increasing. Obesity and other health problems are connected with
whereas a number of solutions as well. On the one hand, two major problems of not sedentary lifestyle are obesity and health issues, obesity or weight rate of people is progressing, which is a negative news for everyone and it is the main cause of every large health damages.
For example
, my cousin Shakib facing diabetes,
problem because he do not go to the
for workout and
as a result
, his weight increased rapidly, which is overrated.Another issue to add is Shyness.
, people who don't go to the
is always look unfit and
, people not attracted to those unfitted persons and they feel shy.
For instance
, my relative Fahim has always felt shy because of his fat body and
that is
the result of don't go to the
On the other hand
, two significance solutions of these problems are high tax on junk foods as well as working places rules for the workout.
, if the government increases the tax on junk foods, people will leave
for forever. Another solution is working places should build a rule for the workout that everyone has to do the
one day per week,
the employers will easily join the
For example
, my father has now always goes to the
because of the rule of his office. In conclusion, in the ordinary world, the rate of sedentary life rules is becoming famous,
a huge number of gyms are available.
, a lot of problems are building and high tax rate on junk foods as well as workplace rules are the solutions of these.
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