Convenience foods will become increasingly prevalent and eventually replace traditional foods and traditional methods of food preparation. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

People is becoming more and more hectic nowadays and they need to bring down the mealtimes. As a result, fast food has emerged as a new alternative to the traditional one. This essay will discuss the differences between these types of eating First thing to mention as one of the basic divergence is in the way they are prepared. There is indisputable that junk food is much more faster than the classic cuisine. Diners just need to wait a few minutes instead of hours to enjoy the meal. The pace thanks to the preprocessed ingredients and modern cooking machines. Secondly, there is variation in nutritional value. The traditional food brings a balanced diet encompassed all nutrients a person requires while snack food, by contrast, is based on meat and contained high level of calories, salts, fat and artificial sweeteners. For that reason, fast food is responsible for causing obesity, diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.Therefore, with the health-related problems caused, fast food should not be regarded as the main dish in the society Last but not least is the spiritual values that these two types bring. The short-ordered food is suitable for the person who always up to the ears but the consequence is that there is no time for family meals. Traditional food, in the other hand, offers the opportunity to gather with family. Moreover it also brings the members together through mealtime conversations In conclusion, junk food and the traditional food have the discrepancy in how they ready, the amount of nutrition and the spiritual values they bring.
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