Children engaged in sport are often overloaded with physical activity or get serious traumas. What are the reasons of this? What solutions can you suggest?

The youth who are keen on doing sports frequently put too much effort into
activity or get severely injured. In
essay I will try to find out the causes of these consequences and indicate what can be done to avoid them. There are several reasons why underage people get injuries so often during physical activities. The main one is the fact that children are immature and know little about safety.
For example
, when I was a little child I used to lift heavy objects in order to become more powerful, but now when I know that
habit can hurt the spine I do not risk my health anymore. Another significant root of the problem is a lack of adults’ attention during physical activities. Since parents always busy they often overlook the risk which physically demanding sports pose to their children.
, there a number of solutions to overcome the problem when the youth put too much effort into a sport activity or sometimes get injuries.
of all, children should be aware of potential damage if are overloaded when doing sports.
For instance
, in many schools, young sports people are taught about the importance of safety during certain activities. Another way to curb
problem is to acquire special attire for children, which will reduce tension in joints, bones and muscles and decrease chances of injury.
For example
, knee pads are extremely helpful for those who do gymnastics. In conclusion, unawareness of children about potential risk during physically demanding sport activities and lack of the adults’ attention are the reasons why the youth is overloaded or even get traumatized while doing sports.
, inductions about safety and special clothes may reduce the chance of getting these injuries.
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