Today more and more tourist are visiting places where conditions are difficult, such as the Sahara desert or the Antarctic. What are the benefits and disadvantages for tourists who visit such places.

Nowadays people are more open to travel. They have been looking for new experiences every day and these experiences include differente and diversity places around the world. Those visitants are more open mind to visit difficultly countries and to live the situations the it brings with. When we talk about it, we know that it gives us thoughts about pros and cons. The advantages in this case are the fact that they will experience a new from their reality, sometimes is chocking, however it take then from outside of their box, specially those that live in a developed country and travel to an underdeveloped one. Not to chose a popular destination is also a good idea because it is not to crowded and sometimes cheaper than a popular place. In a broadly context, “difficult” destinations are also a good idea from the fact that is not cliche. however all advantages always comes with the disadvantages, and these are the things that no one like to talk, to read or to experice about. Nevertheless, it is important to mention when tourists visit places where the conditions are difficult, they will fell uncomfortable and sometimes putting their life in risck. Places such as Africa, the risck of getting illness are high, India one of the highest place with pollution in the world, Brazil terribly dangerous, etc. Most of these places mentionated above do not mean are a horrible destination, it will always depend if we are open to go out of our comfort zone and experience reality.
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