Nowadays, while some think that it is good for business meetings and business training to be taken place online, others think it has cons. Discuss both views and given your opinion?

With the increase momentum of globalization, it is not surprising to witness some people believe that there are positive effects on online
meeting and training because of technological advancement. At the same
, some individuals argue with that assertion.
, the arguments on both sides of
controversial issue will be discussed in the following paragraph in turn and
, my opinion will be given. On the one hand, some opponents are quick to point out the fact that there are severed advantages of these issues.
of all, virtual conference is very important for
, especially which is a multinational company. If an organization needs a critical decision in an urgent case, The management can arrange a video conferencing
For example
, Skype, Whatsapp, immediately without waiting for transportation
brought they are in different countries and can give a strategic decision in
As a result
of these activities, holding group meeting online make quickly response and
, technology can have a beneficial impaction on our society. The employees have to learn training which is supported by their organization for the purpose of continuous professional development,
as audio/video lesson on a web page, Facebook etc. Even though they absent the training because of emergency work, they can study back from that web page or video file and ask any question any
with comments. In spite of these positive effects
on the other hand
, other proponents have
expressed an equal view that holding meeting and training for
has brought important drawbacks as well. It is worth considering, data security is an important for every organization. If the data are hacked when virtual meeting or training is taking place, it will be the huge amount of
for the
especially in a competitive environment.
but not least, we should need to consider about the stability of the connection. In conclusion, both sides have their merits. In my humble opinion, I passionately believe that where there may be some obvious weakness of
, overall, virtual network online
meeting and training, presents more potential benefits.

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