Some people believe that children should spend all of their free time with their families. Others believe that this is unnecessary or even negative. Discuss the possible arguments on both sides, and say which side you personally support.

It is believed by some people that children are ought to always stay with their families when they have free
, others argue that
habit has a detrimental effect.
each argument has its own advantages, I believe that it is unnecessary for children to spend all their free
with their families and that they should be given the freedom to have fun in safe environments with their peers. On the one hand, when children spend
exclusively with their parents, be them guardians or foster parents, their bond grows stronger. Children would start viewing their parents as their role models, and
, absorb conventions and codes of conduct that are essential for the child’s development from them. Hopefully,
would ensure that children do not engage in bullying, truancy, or delinquency when they grow up.
, being present with their families the whole
can protect children from dangers,
for example
, abduction.
On the other hand
habit can adversely affect the development of the child. If children socialized with their families only and were not permitted to see other children their age,
would result in them developing social anxiety and even being too dependent on their parents.
For instance
, if children did not learn how to depend on themselves and experience the world on their own, they would have unbalanced personalities as adults.
, working parents are not always present in the house and,
, cannot always take care of the child. To conclude, spending an adequate amount of
with their families is essential for healthy bonding and the development of the child.
, they should not be restricted to being with their families only, and
be allowed to socialize with other well brought-up peers and engage in healthy and entertaining activities supervised by their parents.

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