Some people believe that it is best to accept a bad situation such as an unsatisfactory job or shortage of money. Others argue that it is better to improve such situations Discuss both views and give your opinion

While some people argue that it is best to admit defeat or a bad option, others claim that it is important to struggle and develop our condition. In my point of view, we should try to do our best and never give up.
essay will examine both views with relevant examples. On the one hand, as it is well known that
is not easy for everyone.
In other words
, most of the people face different kinds of problems in their entire
every people dream about making a good
for themselves, everyone cannot achieve their goals.
For instance
, almost every student thinks about entering the best university or people try to have the best job with a good salary.
, it may be impossible to reach their goals.
, struggling too much may cause serious health problems
as mental disorders.
, sometimes, people should accept their situation and move on with their
to avoid health problems.
On the other hand
goes on and we should believe that every day is a new chance for us.
, every day provides another golden opportunity.
is not about how many times we fail,
is about how many times we try.
For instance
, if we could not enter a university that we dream about it, we should try our chance again.
, if we need job satisfaction, we should develop ourselves and try to find another one. The important point is always struggling for a sense of fulfilment and our goals. To conclude, some people think that we should admit our situation and not struggle for more.
, I firmly believe that we should always try to do our best and never give up.
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