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In recent years, what to do in difficult times has become debatable. Many individuals share the view that accepting an unfavorable circumstance is better than improving it mainly because these situations happen for a reason known as fate. I am of the opinion that, every negative state should provide conditions for improvement because this improves mental health.
Now a day, Student is doing better prepared to get the good college because the aim of good colleges to give the knowledgeable and quality student. I believe that knowledge is important to get better job with it should helpful for the society.
It is said by group of persons that worst case scenerio such as underpaid job or low on cash must situation must be adapted for live. Other group of individuals differ this opinion by doing something to better circumstances. This essay is going to enlight both views on group and shares the view by improving or working hard to embark better future.
While some people argue that it is best to admit defeat or a bad option, others claim that it is important to struggle and develop our condition. In my point of view, we should try to do our best and never give up. This essay will examine both views with relevant examples.
As the world is growing day by day, it is the personal view about the present condition through which anyone is going. Some individuals are in the believe that not satisfying job profile or the less the money they have, should be acceptable to them. While others think that these conditions should improve. I intend to discuss both of these arguments. While, in my opinion, these kind of situations are changeable.
The pressure due to today’s money-driven world causes negative impact for many, therefore they face inconvenient conditions. Some of the belief that acceptance is not an option but opponents to this view deem to struggle to correct the situation and this what I believe. Therefore, this essay will illustrate through the following lines the both views and the reasons behind my stance.
Many people consider that the best way to continuing of unsatisfactory job or less earn money is acceptance of conventional condition, while others think that improving the undesired situation is better than one. Both view arguments will be discussed in the rest of this essay.
In the recent compitive era, the job and money satisfaction is becoming controversial issue. Few masses hold that the human being should compromise with the various situations in their life,but others are in the favour of change. I firmly standby the latter viewpoint . In my coming paragraphs, I shall shed light on both points and give my own opinion.
There are various occasions in our life that we have to encounter unfavourable situations such as financial hardships and distress in one’s occupation. While some say that it is best to accept these downfalls; others, including ,myself argue that it is much more efficient to try to endeavour these hardships.
Few people thinks it is always good to accept the fate and shows reluctance to change while many people assess the situation and improve their shortcomings. The first option is good at some situation, but, why many people prefer the latter option, will be discuss in further paragraphs.
Nowadays, people choose their jobs according to their comfort, while some choose according to salary. It is true that some people accept bad situation because of their comfort, while others think that it is better to improve this situation. According to my viewpoint, I totally agree with second situation.
There is a dilemma between selecting the present situation or attempting to close it to our ideal. Some people believe that living in the current situation make everybody happier, however, the others opine accepting the bad situation makes the worse. In the scope of this essay, I try to convince it is our duty to make the situation better and struggle with the problems.
Despite the negative attitude displayed towards life's issues, others show a more positive side and try to improve any bad situation. This school of thought is up held by optimists and otfen times is backed up with the saying of "if life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of it". A vivid example of this stance, is the musician Kennedy who despite having sight disabilities, has proven to be one of the world's greatest songwriters' in history not allowing any setbacks in life.
There is a common saying that " life happens to every one" which in turn seems to affect peoples ideas as well as their thought processes'. This has made some people believe it is best to accept a bad situation such as an unsatisfactory job or, a shortage of money however, others argue that it is better to try and improve such situations. This essay will discuss both views as well as give insight to my own opinion.
There is a difference of opinion on how unpleasant situations should be handled. While a number of individuals argue that accepting a negative circumstance is better, I am of the viewpoint that trying to change such circumstance is more beneficial than accepting the situation.
Nowadays, job satisfaction has become a controversial issue. Although, there are some people who accept and jobs in term of money, while others believe that it is better to try for more and hoping for best possibilities. In my view, I believe that, for having a better opportunity only lies with keep trying attitude.
Life is all about ups and downs. people often face to many problematic circumstances in life. Some people go through the worst condition like unsatisfactory job or shortage of money by accepting it, while other believe in fighting back and try to progress such unfortunate situation. Personally, I completely agree with the second view.
Although some agree that having unfavourable circumstances at work and finances are acceptable, others believe that consistent trial is needed to overcome bad situations. In my opinion, I think that not giving up and perseverance are the keys to make life better.
In this competitive era , people have to confront harsh situations along with good one's. Where some people hold the view that accepting the existing situation is the best practise however , others believe that one should try his best to overcome bad situation and improve it which would be far better than just to accept it . In my opinion , people should accept their situations but temporarlily and along with that they should explore to improve such problems.
It is often said that life is like a roller coaster ride in which a person's fortunes might change overnight. While all of us always want circumstances to favour us it is necessary to be prepared for hard situations. Some people are of the belief that we must simply accept our lot in life, while others feel that we must strive to improve our situation. In this essay, I will discuss the effects of both these outlooks to show how it is necessary to adapt one's attitude to the situation at hand rather than reacting in the same way each time.
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