More and more companies are allowing employees to work at home. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

It is true that many companies are starting to allow their employees to work at their house.
, there is a reduction of their presence in their working place. In
essay I will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of
development before giving my opinion. On the one hand, despite their absence at their working place, it might bring many benefits for both employees and companies.
of all, with an unnecessary obligation to go to their office, the workers can directly work at their home without using their polluting vehicles.
As a result
, there would be a decrease of air pollution.
, a company could hire an employee without having an own office.
, it could reduce the expenditure of the rent for the company and increase their monthly income.
, with the workers who stay at home, they could spend more time with family, especially with their children since there is an increasing absence of their presence in children's childhood.
On the other hand
, despite the advantages
development might bring, there are some disadvantages which should not be underestimated.
, the employees who work at their house could rise
, and without any supervisor who controls them
increase could dramatically rise and,
, the company income and productivity may be affected.
, there is a possibility that will be a less socializes and contact with physical people.
For instance
, a worker who normally works 12 hours per day might seem difficult for him that would go outside since there is not necessary need for going outside, but only for primary needs
as food. In conclusion, working at home is a new way of working in our futurist society, thanks to all technologies which allow us to test it. As far as I am concerned, I considered it as a positive development for all its benefits that can bring to our society.

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