Every country should have a free health service, even if this means that the latest medical treatments may not be available through the service because they are too expensive. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

According to some people, free
care should be provided to all by every nation, even though the latest medical treatments are not affordable by the
service system due to exorbitant cost. I firmly agree with
thought as basic
care should be available to every citizen of a country without any cost.
, it is the responsibility of every nation to provide preliminary medical services to all its citizens. A state cannot lay its claim as people friendly if it cannot even provide the basic medical services for the needy. Few countries are already successful in implementing
For instance
, countries like England, Canada and France, provide free
care to all its citizens. These countries can afford
scheme, by efficiently collecting the taxes from its people. When people realize the benefit, they wouldn't mind contributing to the country's finances in the form of taxes.
, it is the fundamental right of every individual of a nation to have free access to the medical facilities provided by the country.
, the
should provide the basic medical facilities for free so that people from all walks of life can benefit out of it. The more costly medical procedures should be provided at a subsidised rate to the people based on their income. If the
doesn't have control over the medical costs, only a few private corporations would enjoy the benefit.
For example
, the expensive medical costs in the United States of America provide an idea of what will happen when the state doesn't have much control over the medical system. In conclusion, it is the duty of the
to provide free medical services to its people. It
should manage its finances to make sure the costly medical procedures are available to the people at a reduced cost based on their income. The
should always act keeping all its citizens in its mind and take action for the common good of its people.
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