Some people say that music is a good way of bringing people of different cultures and ages together. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

is the soul of life. People proclaim that soul is a good way of connecting people of different values and even ages I totally concur with the view that
goes beyond boundaries to bind the society at various levels.
essay will explain as to why tune helps build strong bonds between various multicultural as well as between people of varied ages. To embark upon,
can certainly bring the people together who have a distinct culture.
can be generally seen in case of popular songs; when a particular album becomes successful, it automatically makes a place in everyone’s heart no matter to which region the audience belong.
For example
, songs by a famous Punjabi singer, Gurdas Maan, are admired by national and international audience regardless of culture.
, playing western
at parties and dancing on it together, including children, youngsters and even elders can be usually observed because people enjoy the company from diverse cultures and age groups.
In other words
, all the differences between younger and older individuals are certain to disappear when they listen to the same
, certain hindrances are inevitable while listening to melodies from various regions. As if a person is not familiar with particular language and singing style, he would not take interest in listening to
For instance
, if not in all cases, mostly it has been noticed that old people tend to play traditional and classical
only rather than rock or pop, which is preferred by youth.
In addition
, frictions can be a consequence of objectionable and unacceptable lyrics, which are targeted towards a particular section of society. To sum up,
can influence the world to come under one roof.
can end of a lot of animosity between people of different faiths as
can play the role of an antidote in today’s world
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • universal language
  • evoke
  • connect
  • diverse audiences
  • cultural exchange
  • generational gaps
  • shared experiences
  • unifying force
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