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Music is one of the most crucial types of art and it has evolved at the same speed with the advance of humanity. For this reason, most people argue that it is linked to our cultures. I staunchly believe that music has a
It is commonly believed that to unite all people from different cultures and ages together with musicmusic. I agree with the statement because this music will teach another language, promote empathy, and celebrate divers
Some individual thought that the best way to collaborate different cultures and ages together is by music. I believe that music can benefit a lot to our entire world.
as much as to, on one hand, music relaxes us and makes us feel blissful. it's not resigned to age. In my opinion, music, on the contrary, unites all people, of all ages, different nations, races and religions. For exampl
There is an opinion that people of different traditions and age group can be brought together using music. In my opinion music can play a significant role in creating bonds and bringing people closer because everyone enj
In the present day, it has been believed by several people that music brings various generations, traditions, and cultures closer together. I strongly disagree with this statement, due to the fact that there are enormous
In our contemporary society, the influential power of music is priceless and can effect relationships. Some societies have a notion that music is one of the most preferable ways to bring people from diverse backgrounds t
Music has long been celebrated for its ability to bridge cultural and generational divides. Many believe that it serves as a powerful catalyst for bringing people from diverse backgrounds together. This essay completely
Nowadays, music plays a significant role in many aspects of people's lives. Some people think that music can be beneficial in gathering people together from different backgrounds. I totally agree with this point of view
Music, a fascinating art form, touches nearly every aspect of human culture and emotion. Some people believe music is a bridge to connect people from different cultures and ages and I agree with the viewpoint.
It is true that some people believe music is a bridge to connect people from different cultures and ages. While I agree music is a form of common feelings expression, people who are older or conservative may refuse to un
Some believe that if someone wants to bring people from different cultures and ages together, music can be an excellent method. In my opinion, the lack of words allows music to evoke the same emotion, as well as the spe
One of the great ways to put people from different backgrounds and ages is music. Moreover, it gives us a sense of relief. I agree with this statement. In my opinion, music is such a good motivator for your own business
Part of the society believes that music is a good method to combine individuals with different cultural backgrounds and age categories together. It is obvious that music is a world language without the reqiurement of
To begin, some claim that music has the power to unite individuals of all ages and cultural backgrounds. It has some advantages and I will agree with this statement and discuss the bullet points in the forthcoming paragr
A group of people present the view that music is an effective way of communication which is able to connect diverse walks of life worldwide. In my opinion, there are some reasons for rejecting this notion in that sometim
Many people believe that music plays a crucial role in combining people of different customs and ages from all over the world together. I personally agree with this viewpoint for many reasons, described in the following
Music has been enjoyed as an art form since ancient times, but its reach was limited. However, in today’s world, everyone has access to a wide range of music. While I partially agree with this statement, I believe music
There is a growing recognition of the importance of music in our lives. Some even argue that music is a powerful medium to unite people belonging to diverse cultures and age groups. While this might be considered as an e
There is an argument going on regarding the impact of music to be a way of contributing to various cultural behaviors and different age groups and that is by sharing the same way of communication. I strongly agree with t
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