Students should be taught academic knowledge so that they can pass exams, and skills such as cooking and dressing should not be taught. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

At the outset of the millennium, there is a debatable issue that academic training is necessary for children
of cooking and other curricular activities.A lion's share of society favour it,
, the rest goes averse it.In the following paragraph, we would elucidate my perspective along with an apt example. I see eye to eye, with the central idea that ample awareness about study is necessary for students for getting good grades in exams or clear the exam.There are myriads of reason in
, information about schooling helps in career.
, grades help offsprings to get admission in their desirable universities or school, which has profound impact on their future.
, they learn the manner and compete in examination with others, get the confidence if seating between the educated persons.If children do not engage them in learning literacy,
they would not be able to clear the exam with higher score.I would like to quote an epitome that a survey conducted by the Hindustan newspaper before 6 months regarding the result in exams
result shows that the children who spend a lot of time in schooling course they gets a higher grade as compared to those students who do not have enough skills about literacy.
, numerous of people believe that extracurricular activities
as cooking, dressing or many more are
essential for children with academic education in order to fully development of children.
, skills apart from examination help to compete with others in extra activities
as if society organise a new year party and it is a condition that children make at least one dish for a party
it is very gloomy situated for those who do not have cooking familiarity. To conclude, I am the opinion that schooling information is must
of extra skills because with the help of study they achieve each and everything in their life.
, little bit information about the rest of the skills are
important.Children should spend more time on learning, academic skills along with some updated extracurricular skills.
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