Nowadays many countries have cosmopolitan cities with people from all over the world. How can the government ensure that all these people can live together harmoniously

Now in the modern era, people all over the world are working or studying in the same country. Since, the humans are from different places it is the responsibility of the government to take appropriate actions to preserve harmony in the nation.
, the person who is newly entered into the country should be monitored strongly against any criminal records. By ensuring that the person is not having any false background will be a great assurance to the council.
For example
, a pupil who is applying for a Permanent residence should undergo a lot of screening process to ensure the reliability of the individual. In my opinion, I believe, evaluating a person before entering into a country is much better than facing the troubles from his/her in the future.
, the children all over the globe should be given training to talk in their global languages.
can build not only integrity among the students but
, the people can celebrate a common festival.
can avoid huge religious related conflicts which occur, usually due to the differences of opinions.
For example
, conducting a monthly event for the children and the old people during the festival time, can make them feel excited. During these periods all the people from the entire province can meet in a same place, have their foods together, play some indoor and outdoor games. All these will manipulate a friendly environment. To conclude, In order to maintain harmony, authorities should be aware of how they could take care of their territory in a peaceful manner.
, some conflicts and problem occurs, they should be handled in a way that it should not stimulate the problem even more higher.

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