Violence in the media promote violence in society. To what extent do you agree?

It is argued that violent programs and contents in TV, social media and so
on encouraging
Accept comma addition
on, encouraging
the violent activities in society. I am a firm advocate of
essay will discuss my reasoning of
and conclude with a stand on
To begin
with, the media have been an integral part of people's life and so is its content. People are often inspired by the programs or contents that they regularly view on TV or internet. To illustrate, during a recent study of school of Harvard Human Sciences on "effect of visual media on people" shows that almost 60 percent of participants of that programme voted a violent way to resolve a problem in society, which was 30 percent prior to program.
, the way people were passing comments to each other was
, imitation by many children and young star is
a dark side of media content which can promote violence. Being unaware of the consequence, children and young star try to copy their superstars and other celebrity, which ultimately has an impact on their habits and behaviour.
behaviour will only get stronger with age. Children think dominating another and fighting like stars will make them feel like a hero,
on the other hand
, love, drugs, and other social scenes encourages younger to seek solutions in a violent way. In conclusion, as media play a vital role in people life, it's programs and broadcasting has wide consequences on people's thinking. Negativity on children proves
, I strongly believe the program and content that do not support harmony are the major contributor to the violence in society.
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