Some people think that the media such as newspaper should be allowed to publish information of people’s private life. Others however, think that there should be controls to stop this media from publishing this kind of information. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays media have covered the major part of the communication world. A segment of people thinks that in newspapers, private
of the public can be discussed and few think that they should be stopped in publishing
information. In
paragraph I would like to examine both the points and give my opinion regarding it.
To begin
with, almost every
is related to the media rather be newspaper or online source. Through
media we get to know what is going on in the world and in daily
's of people, especially celebrity people. Many even give data regarding their personal lives. Sometimes it even beneficial for the industry people and some do it purposely to be in the market.
, a line should be maintained.
For instance
, the downside of one of the famous personality was discussed daily in newspapers including the negative comments of the public, which affected the individual so immensely that the
become a drug addict.
, balance should be maintained in the media. On the other side, many think that private
information should be limited in
the newspaper
a newspaper
. News like what kind of healthy lifestyles the famous
follows, their fashion statements, the release of the new movies or the launch of branded products, new achievement of sports
and the struggle that they have done to reach the level should be published and discussed in newspapers. Through
public can follow and learn better things from them, rather than discussing personal
on national media. Some controls should be imposed by the government to control
publications. To sum up, in my opinion, I think everybody requires some space in their personal
. Being celeb or the
for public entertainment does mean that they are public property. So according to me the control should be there on publishing private information of people.

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