The percentage of overweight children in western society has increased by almost 20% in the last ten years. Discuss the causes and effects of this disturbing trends

Children are the beautiful and precious gift of nature to parents. Over the
decade, the rate of obese children has
by nearly 20% in the western society.
essay will discuss the possible causes and effects of
problem. To initialize, the main reason for overweight in children includes various circumstances.
, young one prefers to eat and drink junk foods as they are often regarded as very unhealthy. Parents nowadays are very busy in their daily life so they don’t have free time to prepare and feed healthy foods to their offspring.
that, with a great development in technologies, children these days have become more lethargic and lazy; which is one of the major causes of obesity in children. To illustrate it, a recent study of children in America, almost 50% of young ones suffer from obesity; whereas others remain healthy and fit.
, children do not eat the proper foods at the correct time.
On the other hand
, there are some major effects of
, the health of children gradually starts to deteriorate as time passes by.
, they become less active in sports and daily activities.
, dreadful diseases like cancer, diabetes can be seen in children these days.
, in schools and public places these types of children are bullied because of their fat body;
as a result
, they lose their self-confidence which leads to chronic depression and mental problems. In conclusion, there are numerous reasons for obesity in children in western societies. Unhealthy lifestyle and active schedule of parents are the crucial cause of

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