Some people think that the most important thing about being rich is it gives a person the opportunity to help other people. Do you agree or disagree?

It is believed by some people that the most crucial matter about being wealthy is being able to help the others.
essay will argue that having a lot of money can be a great thing only if it is possessed by helpful people.
, being rich and helpful could benefit not only humans but
humanity in general. In my opinion, while being a fortunate person can do a lot to help the poor, it can
serve the entire country.
, having a fortune could show the human's worst ambitions, the chances are quite satisfied that these humans could
give a hand to the poor. Because of the pure nature instilled in each human being, it is easy to believe that.
For instance
, in Canada billions of pounds are being donated each year by billionaires to give hope to those who don't have enough money.
, it is easy to think that the most important thing about being financially luxurious is indeed being of help to those who need it.
, providing financial support is not necessarily feasible only to poor individuals. Because the rich could
financially boost the economy of their own countries as well as many other aspects.
For example
, Japan has a regulation stating that individuals who get high salaries should contribute part of their savings monthly to different governments or even entire countries. In conclusion, it is believed by some of us that the most significant thing being wealthy is having a chance to give to others. In fact, support could be given by those who have money to those who unfortunately don't and
to countries struggling with their own economies. From my perspective, I think each rich person can do a lot to help both financially struggling persons and nations
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