some people think that keeping pets is good for children while other think it is dangerous and unhealthy. which opinion do you agree with? discuss both options and give examples

In recent times, pet related injuries and mortalities have sparked heated debates about whether it is healthy for children to be around pets. In
essay I shall argue that
dangers are overemphasised and that children receive substantive psychological benefits through having pets.
To begin
exotic pets (e.g. Snakes, spiders, apes, etc.) Have been known to occasionally hurt and even kill children,
incidents are so statistically rare as to be negligible.
is because the overwhelming majority of children have non-lethal cats, dogs, fish, rodents and rabbits for pets.
For example
The Child Safety Institute found that over 90% of the children owned the aforementioned pets, and professed that they had never felt in the least bit endangered by them. Seen in
light, it is clearly unfounded to claim that pets present any physical danger to children.
, pets can impact positively upon child psychology.
is because young pet owners frequently empathise with their pets and perform a diverse range of actions to maintain their well being (e.g. Feeding, grooming, administering medicine, etc.).
For example
, the Cambridge Developmental Psychology Unit found that children who had grown up with pets were 30% less likely to bully others and resolve conflicts through aggression.
, it is undeniable that a child’s pro-Sociality and mental health can be improved through exposure to pets. In conclusion, the cited evidence provides strong support for the view that children owning pets is a good thing. In the future, as more laws are introduced to ban the ownership of illegally acquired exotic pets,
viewpoint will no doubt surge in popularity

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