Countries around the world will be facing significant challenges relating not only to the environment but population and education as well. What problems will your country face in next ten years? How can these problems be overcome

fact cannot be denied that with the development and advancement in every sector like technology, education, medicine, etc. All nations are
facing many threats in terms of environment, education and overpopulation at the high rate.
essay will discuss the problems faced by my country in
next decade
the next decade
with some viable ways to curb it. There is the plethora of dangers people will face, but the chief among of them is overpopulation. India has become the
highest country of overpopulation. Due to
people will have to face many problems like job and house.
, people will become unemployed and frustrated. To overcome their stress, they will start taking the drugs where they use their positive energy in a wrong direction like robbery, murder for their survival.
, there will be contamination of the environment from the emission of an air from traffic, factories and so on.
, there will be a disposal of waste from factories in the water bodies which leads to many health problems like heart attack, asthma, etc. Overall, it impairs the quality of life and reduces its expectancy.
, the other major concern will be the non availability of non renewable resources for future, which will lead to stagnation in business.
, there will be a rise in inflation and the economy of the whole nation will be stuck. There are some solutions through which
problem will be reduced.
Firstly there
Accept comma addition
Firstly, there
should be an international organisation which monitors the usage of non renewable resources of all nations so that these can be retained for future generation. Masses
put efforts to save the environment like use car pooling, energy saving products, reusable products and reduces garbage.
, Authorities
put restrictions on the emission of air and waster disposal from factories and serve the punishment. In conclusion,
problem can be eradicated if decisions about solving problem taken at international level and implemented at the national and individual level.
society will become a better place to live in.
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