Some people think government should subsidies food and vegetables to make healthy food cheaper. Other argues that tax should be set on unhealthy food. Discuss both views and gives your opinion.

Nutritional value of foods is an important thing to be considered before purchasing food items.
, some individuals have an opinion that the government should lower the prices of healthy foodstuffs to promote a thriving lifestyle, while there are others who think that taxes should be imposed on junk foods to reduce their consumption. In
essay, I will discuss both the views and give my opinion in the end. Healthy diets play a vital role in maintaining fitness as well as boosting our immunity. Most of the people, especially working class, prefers to have fast foods as they are tastier and cooks in lesser time. In spite of knowing the negative consequences of these foods, they take them regularly as they do not have any other choice but to have them due to their tight schedules.
, natural meals
as fruits and vegetables are expensive as compared to ready made eateries due to which destitute people cannot afford them.
, alleviating the costs of healthy foods will make these eatables affordable for all sections of the society.
On the other hand
, government can impose taxes on junk foods so that lesser people would buy them.
of all, young children like to eat burgers and pizzas more than adults.
, when prices will become higher and their parents would not give extra money to them, it will definitely check their unhealthy eating habits. Another thing is that if the costs of these meals become elevated,
the individuals would have no choice and they have to shift towards nutritious eatables.
As a result
, market of junk foods will get affected which will eventually impact their production too. To conclude, I would say that
of imposing taxes on unhealthy diets, authorities should subsidize the costs of healthy eating stuffs so that people can easily buy them and get benefit out of it. In my opinion, elevating the prices of foodstuffs will do nothing more than but just affecting the budget of common public as a richer class will never need to care about the expenses.
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