The number of people who are at risk of serious health problems due to being overweight is increasing. What is the reason for the growth in overweight people in society? How can this problem be resolved?

It is irrefutable that, many health problems are rising due to the fast food and the advancement of technology. One of them is obesity increasing day by day among all ages of the people.
essay will discuss the causes of overweight, including, unhealthy diet style and pressure of work.
essay will
suggest the solutions to mitigate
problem like a balanced diet and physical activities.
To begin
with, people eat the junk meal and they feel
is a convenient and ready to eat cuisine.
That is
a high in calories and less nutrition and vitamins,
as; salt and sugar. Not only
, Ajinamotto ingredient that can be considered as a slow poison,
increase weight after that gives birth to many diseases.
For example
, people are suffering from diabetes, heart attack and cancer, just because of fast food.
, due to pressure of work, people feel tired and do not get time for exercise or gym.
of physical activities they give preference to relax and just lay down on the bed. As well as, with the help of technology they prefer to sedentary job style
of, manual task.
That is
the main cause of increasing weight.
, it is certainly can be solved by balanced diet,
as people should prepare food at home with healthy ingredients, that give nutrition to the body. As well as, they should eat properly, on time and should not be procrastinate about eating.
In addition
, the government should give awareness to people the side effects of the fast cuisine.
, people should go to morning walk or join the gym.
, they can do some physical activities. In conclusion, over fat is a serious problem. It is caused by bad cuisine habits and less work out. I think with the help of healthy feed and exercise we can control it.
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