Nowadays people are using more consumer goods like refrigerators or washing machines.Does this have more advantages over disadvantages?

Increasing use of technological gadgets,
as refrigerants and washing machines, has become common these days.
it has made the life of human beings extremely comfortable, its adverse effects on the health of the individuals cannot be neglected.I firmly believe that pros are far much higher than cons. The major benefit of specific appliances in homes is that these make household chores easier. Since most of the appliances which are being employed in homes have reduced the physical efforts to a substantial extent,
it saves a lot of time, which in turn, can be utilised to accomplish other household tasks.
For instance
, everyone, in the contemporary world, is running after money, and in order to earn excessive amount, they should have plenty of time.
way, modern equipments are an asset to the modern people. On the downside, these have certain potential effects on the well-being of a person.It is well known that if the masses will continue to exploit these resources for their selfish purpose,
the day is not far off when they will be overdependent on these devices, and health related issues would embrace the whole society.
For example
, most of the individuals in the developed countries and even in my country, India, are using these in excess, which in turn has resulted in several problems varying from obesity to high blood pressure.
, it is not appropriate to rely wholly on these electronic sources.
, I personally believe these negative impacts can be ignored by making physical exercise a part of the daily routine. To conclude, it is irrefutable that advancement in electronic world is advantageous for all the age groups.Despite many hazardous effects on the health, I think its merits have an edge over demerits.
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  • The disadvantage of this...
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