many people think that more money will make them happier. How important is money for happier life?

It is clear that the recent debate on the role of wealth in
does not seem to come to an end anytime soon.
having a great deal of surplus money could serve people with basic demands and necessities, it does have some certain implications on the status quo and current lifestyle. There is a multitude of merits of property that the advocates of attaching much importance on the value of money could argue.
, bill can be a tool to motivate people to achieve major milestones in
indicates that, these days, people have a tendency of chasing the play of materialism, thinking about success and prosperous
will provoke the willing in their mind in tandem with the productivity in learning and work, which, in turn, asserting the significance of salary in modern society.
, since people have a great deal of payment, they could move up the status ladder. If one becomes successful and owns a large fortune,
for instance
, he/she will be gathered and surrounded by lots of people, who spend a various applause and admirations for his/her affluence, which makes individuals satisfied with their present lives and hopeful about the future.
, others are in favour of the idea that salary is not the most importance in
, making wage to excess would not guarantee the happiness in relationships.
For example
, when becoming wealthy and affluent, people around them are no longer whom they could share with, in terms of spirituality and materially, especially, rich people tend to have a superiority complex, which accidentally erects a solid wall and being separated from the society.
, since following the success of materialism, people are becoming pay no attention to themselves. In fact, one of the most important factors in human’s
is well-being, physically and mentally, health cannot be bought and in a flourishing society, people exert themselves to pursue the material comfort at the expense of their well-being, spending no time relaxing and enjoying the activity,
leading to the degradation of energy. In conclusion, we cannot deny that both sides are well-grounded.
money plays a crucial part in
, it leads people to lose sight of the real sources of happiness and prevents them from the true value of things, which come from relationships and fitness condition.

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Topic Vocabulary:
  • Financial stability
  • Security
  • Freedom
  • Pursue dreams and goals
  • Emergency funds
  • Experiences
  • Enjoyment
  • Quality of life
  • Improving
  • Purchases
  • Supporting
  • Economy
  • Creating jobs
  • Balance
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