The use of social media is replacing face-to-face interaction among many people in society. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

The world today witnesses the conventional face-to-face discourse being gradually supplanted by social media. While
ongoing trend appears to be advantageous, it is probably overshadowed by certain demerits, which I will explain here.
, social media communication could possibly give rise to an anxiety disorder.
mental health condition ranges from an addictive need to check social media to severe anxiety over being away from social media activity. Health experts worldwide
have warned
has warned
condition is likely to develop when one abuses or misuses
online channels.
, it would probably breed poor, reactive behaviour in conversation. In the absence of social norms online interlocutors could easily end in a crude remark when one vilifies the other for an opposite idea.
but not least, it might even subject the user to online harassment.
offensive behaviour is often meant to demean, humiliate or embarrass an individual on a much wider scale than if it had been done in
face-to-face situation
a face-to-face situation
. Notably, a number of victims are reported to have committed suicide allegedly due to
cruelty. Admittedly, social media would enable users to communicate far more conveniently than direct physical meetings. By chatting, posting or tweeting via Facebook or Twitter,
for example
, information exchange or sharing, regardless of distance, is just a click away. Despite
convenience should not put digital citizens at risk of the aforementioned. In conclusion,
social media can provide worldwide users with a better avenue for handy communication, I firmly believe that the drawbacks should surely outweigh the benefit on grounds of mental health hazards and negative behaviour mentioned. Of course,
is not to say that the use of social media must be dissuaded, but the thorny issues involved need careful consideration for the sake of all users.

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