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In today’s fast-moving and highly connected world, social media have replaced the traditional means of face-to-face communication. In spite of this fact, certain people argue that this phenomenon contributes to worsening communication rather than improving it. I partly agree with this viewpoint. Although it helps one to communicate with loved ones who are miles away, it makes a person addicted to this kind of virtual interaction.
The world today witnesses the conventional face-to-face discourse being gradually supplanted by social media. While this ongoing trend appears to be advantageous, it is probably overshadowed by certain demerits, which I will explain here.
People are using social networking sites in the rise of technological advances at the expanse of traditional way of communication. This essay is to explain why I believe that the drawbacks of using social networks outstrip its benefits.As regards the pros, social networking platforms help connect people all around the world. Therefore, many users consider it a market in which they can exchange goods or place an order without paying extra fee. This helps boost the global economy and international cooperation in general. Secondly, the network developers provide users with a range of attractive policies (free download, free call among others) that perfectly hit the public interest. As a result, more and more people are likely to install these applications in their personal devices. This drives the development of technology in general as the demand for using media increases. Thirdly, the use of social media reduces travel time as online users can totally work at home which helps avoid struggling to escape from traffic jam. This contributes to the increase in labour productivity.In terms of cons, the safety of online users is put at risk due to the vice of these networks which allows everyone to create an account without identity verification. As a consequence, online users are bound to fall prey of phishing scammers. Moreover, when users communicate with strangers, they are likely to be trapped in privacy problems as their personal information may be spread out in social platforms. This leads to many devastating consequences since well-practiced deceivers are bound to take advantages of these leaking information to threaten or blackmail other users. All these not only cripple users’ personal finance but also leave them psychological traumas. More importantly, using media in a long time without traditional interaction, people are likely to become individualistic and narcissistic which causes the rupture between individual and society. This may pose a great threat for modern society as many people isolate themselves instead of integrating into communities.In conclusion, it is undeniable that social media helps people reap better benefits. However, I still believe all disadvantages above eclipse its advantages.
These days, face-to-face communication is being replaced with online conversations using social media apps, such as Facebook, WhatsApp or Tumblr. It seems to me that the benefits these technologies have brought to our lives are overshadowed by their drawbacks.
Direct communication in the present is being replaced by online chats with the social networking apps like Facebook, Zalo or Instagram. In my opinion, technologies bring to our live many benefit, the disadvantage will justify.
The well-developed global network has enabled the advent of online shopping. Instead of going to stores, people tend to do their shopping on the Internet. Therefore, Online purchase gradually becomes widespread. In this essay, I will demonstrate the process of an online order. Overall, there are three main steps to follow, starting with selecting the product and ending with shipping the order.
Nowadays , traditional communicate is being replaced with social converstation using social media app , such as facebook , zalo or instagram . This trend would introduced both side , but i think benifits of using social media have brought to our lives are overweigh the drawbacks.
Many people demonstrate their stronger preference for social networks to communicate with others over physical interaction. Of course, gaining ready access to the social networks is beneficial, but I think that the disadvantages should not be overlooked.
Nowadays, people prefer communicating through social media to meet in person. Although there are some drawbacks of using the sites, I believe that the benefits the technology have brought to our lives is undeniable.
In our rapidly changing world, the introduction and development of social networking have always been the hottest issue that directly affects our daily lives. Whether these online applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Skype, etc. may substitute for face-to-face communication, I believe that the benefits they bring may overshadow the drawbacks.
It is often argued that technological development is necessary to live our life comfortable. Some people might think that networking usage is representing the offline meeting among the majority of individuals in the community. Although using social media is very easy, I strongly think that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. This essay will address the perspective of how social media affects our lifestyle.
The real-life interaction is depleted by the emerge of social media among today’s people. From my experience, although there are evident advantages of having the Internet society, the drawbacks of lacking in actual people relationship definitely outweigh the benefits of using the online platforms.
In this day and age, the use of online conservations using social media apps, such as Facebook, WhatsApp or Tumblr is replacing face-to face communication among many people in society for manifold reasons. From my viewpoint, I partly agree with that statement for the following solid cause.
Many people think that online conversations have largely supplanted face-to-face meetings, leading to worsening communication skills. I fully agree with this point of view, though I concede social media makes a significant contribution to daily life.
Advancement of technology brought radical change in the conversation style of people. It subsides the traditional face-to-face interaction with virtual meetings through various social media platforms. While this is not without its problems, drawbacks of social media outweighs its benefits.
In many nations around the world, social media is serving as a tool to socialize for those, who use it instead interacting in person. This essay will argue that the benefits of social media interaction offset the drawbacks entailed by this state of affairs, the development of social media made people’s life more convenient and efficient.
Nowadays social media are became the main interaction reducing the relation face-to-face among many people. In this essay, I will discuss about some advantages and disadvantages of this new way of interaction and why the pros outweigh the cons.
Today, It is believed that the direct interaction is being dominated by the online means of communication due to the booming of technology. In my opinion, this trend provides some obvious positive effects also the potential negative impacts on all strata in the society that people should take into consideration.
It is believed that people prefer to use the internet for the communication purposes rather than getting in touch directly in recent years. In my opinion, the online interaction has both benefits and drawbacks.
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