Today, some young people say that their mobile phones are the most important thing they own. Do you think that popularity of mobile phones is good or bad thing?

The advancement of technology has developed the way of living,
as technology is smart phones.
, a few youth claims that
device has brought many advantages to living. From my point of view, it has more drawbacks than merits.
essay will discuss how
brings more demerits than benefits. On the one hand, from the
few years, mobile phones have opened an easy communication way.
is a type of device which can assist people to use Social Media to connect to the world, as well as making phone calls on the internet.
certainly helps people to keep in touch with their distant relatives, friends and family members.
, doing any kind of professional work is possible with
spectacular gadget,
for instance
, Microsoft word software is used for creating documents which can be installed on our device.
tool provides getting everyday’s news updates through news portal.
On the other hand
automation gives human many advantages, the disadvantages have more effect on young children. These days, the younger generation tends to addict to mobiles because they think that it is more prominent assets they have despite the side effects. Unfortunately, a survey result has shown that, people who use mobile more than average hours are suffering many health issues, namely, hearing loss, vision problem, headache, even though brain damages. In conclusion, in spite of the numerous benefits, it is responsible for health hazard;
, youngsters find it entertaining and vital for their lives. I think, there should be some restrictions for using the mobile phones.

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