More and more wild animals are on the verge of extinction and others are on the endangered list. What are the reasons for this? What can be done to ve this problem?

Earth is a planet for all, but due to human activities
as deforestation and animal poaching, wildlife is struggling to survive. It has chased away some species on the edge of extinction, while others are on the endangered list. In
essay, I will discuss the reasons behind the disappearing of earth animals, and I will try to offer some solutions. The major reason for endangering of wild animal’s like is the deforestation. The human population is increasing rapidly that more land is required for creating accommodation for them. Lacking their natural environment and food, animals move to nearby cities or villages where they are often killed by locals.
issue can be tackled if the government will approve strict regulations regarding minimum forest area and will define clear boundaries where no human intervention be allowed.
For example
, conflict between humans and forest elephants is common, particularly in Asia. Many farmers found it easier to simply kill the offending creatures, until conservationists have worked with authorities on practices and approaches to keep elephants away from crops, while providing for their safety.
, excessive poaching has
raised the disappearing of wild animals. Skin, fur and fangs of certain animals are used for creating fashion accessories like coats and bags, and
for illegal trading. It has resulted in an increasing hunting of wild animals. Despite
problem, the government of few countries managed to find a way to solve
situation by banning on killing animals by hunters, for the sake of human desires.
For instance
, in Finland after
regulation was introduced the amount of elks grew significantly.
, a Tv program about the significance of the fauna in their environment motivated Finns preserve wildlife and not to use products made from them. In conclusion, the government should tackle the escalating problem of elimination and endangering of certain wild animals by forming strict rules and regulations about the wild habitat and excessive poaching. If these measures are followed, we can surely make an earth a beautiful planet where all species co-exist.
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