Some people think the best way to stay fit is joining a gym /Health club while think doing everyday activities such as walking and climbing stairs is sufficient discuss both views and give your opinion

contemporary era, Fitness is regarded as a major concern for many people in the world. It is often considered by many people that Gym memberships or health clubs helps them maintain fitness while other individuals believe that Activities which are part of the daily routine is Enough. In
essay, I will discuss both Views and assert my Opinion. On the one hand,
Gym is flexible for doing a wide variety of workouts, it is not suitable for all age groups. The gymnasiums has become trendy for most of the youngsters who concentrate on instant body shape rather than keeping themselves Fit. Apparently, Gymnasts force their clients to take artificial energy Supplements
as protein shakes and Calorie shake which results in Side effects. For an instance, Recent study found that Youngsters who intakes Unnatural fluids are prone to bone marrow diseases in their old age.
On the other hand
, Daily exercises are more effective in many ways.
, regular health exercises
as Jogging, running and cycling are natural.
, most of these activities need to go through the day light with sun rays falling into our Body and fresh air, which gives enough Nutrients and vitamins that increases the Immunity power of the body.
, no specific time needs to be allotted for indulging
this exercises
these exercises
this exercise
Since people can do these activates as part of their daily routine. In conclusion, Habits of staying healthy have changed quite a lot from decade to decade. Few individuals think that Joining a gym will be a wise option that aid them to stay fit whereas others feel that Outdoor activities has ample of Natural uses.
, to the contradiction of sorts, I Strongly feel that natural exercises are absolutely imperative in maintaining the fitness and health in a more natural way.

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