Overpopulation of urban areas has led to numerous problems. Identify one or two serious ones and suggest ways that government and individuals can tackle these problems.

It is undeniable that most of the people migrating to the cities in search of a better opportunity and lifestyle.
, there is a drastic increase in the population of the cities and
create various worse situations.
essay will discuss two main problems that arise due to the rise in the number of people who starts living in the urban areas, including
congestion and lack of accomodation, but will
suggest some incredible solutions, including improving the infrastructure of roads and the construction of housing facilities.
To begin
with, it is seen that in the overpopulated cities, people is suffering from the
jams on the roads because there are a large proportion of people who commutes from one place to another and due to
, the number of vehicles on the roads are immense.
In addition
, an accomodation is
a major concern as it becomes hard for people to find a place to live in the cities as most of the posh areas are quite expensive and out of the reach for many middle class people who opt the urban life to settle down.
For instance
, one research article suggests that 70% problems that developed due to the large population in the cities are gridlocks on the roads and an improper living conditions. These few instances make it clear that the major cities of the world where
and searching a better area to live are the hurdles for the people, hinders them to lead a better lifestyle. There are some potential solutions in order to eradicate the above mentioned problems.
, the maintenance of the roads or highways could improve the situation at a large extent.
, construction of more underground roads and the subway system will automatically reduce the transportation on the roads.
, providing more affordable houses and the construction of flats, apartments near the city centre would provide the people an opportunity to search a best site to live in. Because the vast majority of people tend to choose a home from where they could easily access all the amenities. Indeed, Mumbai is a metropolitan city of India, where the population is exceeding day by day and for the convenience of the people, the government has constructed wider roads and town houses in the cities or even in the suburban areas where the city is easily connected. Overall, these steps of authorities will ultimately mitigate the effects of the most arising problems. In conclusion, the migration of people to the cities is increasing at an alarming rate which is the root cause of several worse problems that people are facing.
essay discussed two main conditions, the
and an accomodation problem.
essay suggested that solutions to the problems are twofold: the better infrastructure of roads and providing multiple housing options.
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